The movie “Upgrade” is a futuristic story about the dangers of bionic implants.   Besides conferring superhuman strength, agility, and speed, they also seem to have a mind of their own and an agenda at odds with the sensibilities of their owner.


The hero, notoriously uncorrupted by any love of automation, is chosen by a shadowy corporate mogul to be one of the first test subjects.  To put him in the right frame of mind, he and his wife are mugged leaving him paralyzed.


From there, things go from bad to worse as the price of being restored to mobility is a disquieting co-ownership of mind and body.   The action adventure proceeds as he confronts his tormenters who are spit among various competing factions with complex motivations.


In general tone, the imagined future is dark, gloomy, and apocalyptic.  But in a surprising ending, everyone gets something of what they want albeit with tinge of horror show results.  Nevertheless, the final result while somewhat pessimistic not overly scary is exciting and unusual and surprising enough for a modest recommendation.