The movie “Gifted” is the story of a child prodigy from an extraordinarily talented but flawed family whose gifts predictably wreak both great sorrows and great joys.


The production has a carefree, everyday experience look and feel which adds considerably to its undeniable charm.  The underplayed struggle for the heart and mind of a vulnerable young girl contrasts meaningfully with the titanic devastation visited on her psyche by lifestyle adjustments an insensitive adult might consider reasonable.    And so the beauty of the presentation is that the choice of guardianship between an uncle and grandmother with very different concerns and lifestyles never seems inconsequential.


I do not believe one ever forgets the childhood yearning for loving family nor the all important significance of wise guiding influences.  As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.  Indeed, anecdotal evidence abounds in everyone’s story for the life altering destruction early trauma can inflict.


What is ironic is that everyone acts out of the best of intentions and with an understated, even thoughtful, integrity.  Indeed, everyone displays a refinement of mind and character, developed of good breeding and failing that even better good sense.   This serves to focus the plot on the young heroine even more, if that is still possible.


Only in a telling scene near the very end, does the grandmother experience an agonizing regret over the consequences of her actions but unfortunately not coupled with sufficient remorse to accept blame.  Her unrelenting maternal instincts seem to assume the single minded development of a talent uniquely capable of advancing human intellectual achievement will in the end be a sufficient and acceptable reward for all.  For those with a mathematical bent, the story also explores the true to life “Millennial Challenges” which encourages the solution of some the most difficult mathematical problems humanity has ever encountered.


Everyone, of course, falls in love with the young star and her malformed pets and assorted friends.  The casting of main characters is excellent and the acting, especially the heroine, is flawless.  The supporting cast is exceptional.   No one with an ounce of parental instinct could fail to experience the absolute joy of the ending.   I would not in the slightest hesitate to very strongly recommend this heartwarming and uplifting tale for any and all ages.