A Quiet Place


The movie “A Quiet Place” is an exceptionally well crafted horror story.  In brief, a tight knit farming family and community has adapted to live with a worldwide invasion of creepy creatures that are blind and hunt people by sound alone.  The slightest sound could be fatal.   Talking is strictly forbidden.


Nor is it wise to shoot these big toothy monsters one at a time. Those who try are invariably mobbed by a few of its ever present friends lurking nearby.  And anyway, by means of extraordinary diligence, life goes on, albeit with some difficulty.


Audience attachment to this attractive family is immediate and strongly felt.  And this is all the more so as each ingenious solution to obvious problems, such as quieting a newborn baby’s cries, is revealed.


In due course tragedy strikes and feelings are hurt and tempers flare but the strength of the family conquers all and remains the bedrock on which the story masterfully succeeds.   And it is perhaps this quality more than anything else that elevates this thriller above other efforts.


The drama is well paced and believable throughout.  Indeed, characters are well drawn and create a story which would be interesting enough to stand on its own even outside the genre.


But it is the very end of the movie that is most memorable.  We are thrust into depths of despair only to be raised again by a glimmer of hope.   And so I can easily recommend this for anyone with a taste for dangerous situations and the sacrifices we make for those we love.