Sometimes The Right Glue Can Hold Many Things Together


Grandpa Wilson, born and bred in Nebraska, was an avid Cornhusker football fan.  Never having the funds for a ticket to the game left him following the team’s progress via radio broadcasts.


One Saturday, as a birthday surprise, his old friend Silas drove him to Lincoln and treated him to a live game between Nebraska and Iowa.  Sitting in the stadium, joining the mass of cheering crowds was a delight beyond measure for the old man.


The score was tied, with only minutes left to play in the fourth quarter, when the Nebraska quarterback broke free and raced toward Iowa’s goalpost.  The Nebraska fans exploded and Grandpa Wilson leapt to his feet with a roar.  Alas, his upper plate flew out of his mouth and landed on the tier below.  Unfortunately, the denture was cozily lying under the three-inch spike heel of a screaming lady, who was stretched up on her tippy toes.  Would she remain in place in her enthusiasm?


Grandpa Wilson lunged forward and downward in an attempt to retrieve the precious plate when loyal Silas thinking Grandpa had fallen grabbed his coattail to pull him upright.  Desperate Grandpa flung one arm up to wrench away, unfortunately, his clenched hand contacted Silas’ right eye, and with his other hand he scrabbled for his missing teeth.  It was then that Nebraska scored and the lady with the heels joined all the Cornhusker fans in a wild victory dance of bouncing hops, grinding Grandpa’s hand into something that wasn’t pretty.


Bruised and battered the two old men came home from Lincoln.  When we asked how they liked the game neither would say how they missed seeing the winning touchdown.


Mary Elizabeth Mruzik

Pacific, Missouri