Pacific, MO

                                         May, 2010




This is what I remember of the song that  Mr. Thygeson

(originally Mr. Tierson from Denmark) taught Scoot and

me, sung to a lovely Danish melody. It could be a nursery

rhyme.  I first memorized it around 1920 and it was an old

classic even then.


It is years since I sung it with my buddy.


Dan an Saxon, Dan skul verdonder,   F  F  A A    G  G  E  C

Fra and a and tilda nonder,                   F   F A  A    G  G  E  C

Dad o shay, dad o shay,                         F   F A  A    D D F F      

Dad o skatlat                                             C  E  D  E

Day day shay                                             F   F  F


I apologize if I have butchered this-- but it has

been a long long time.


Good luck in the translation.


Love,  MOM 

[Mary Elizabeth Mruzik 1917-2011]