William Landon Paxton



Family Tree


Born: January 7, 1819 in Barren County, Kentucky

Passed: September 4, 1871 in Nebraska City, Otoe County, Nebraska


William was the third child of Joseph Paxton and Elvira Paxton nee Bagby.  He is buried in Steele Cemetery in Falls City, Nebraska.



William’s father was Joseph Paxton (b. May 17, 1788 in Rockbridge City, Virginia, and d. in Green River City, Kentucky).  Joseph Paxton married Elvira Bagby on September 12, 1815 in Rockbridge County, Virginia.  Joseph’s parents were William Paxton (b. 1757 in Augusta, Virginia and d. 1798 in Rockbridge County, Virginia) and Jane Grigsby (b. 1756 in Balcony Falls, Virginia, and d. 1826 in Glasgow, Rockbridge County, Virginia).  Jane Grigsby’s father was John (“Soldier John”) Grigsby (b. 1720 in Stafford, Virginia and d. April 7, 1794 in Rockbridge, Virginia).  John Grigsby served under Admiral Vernon in the expedition against Cartagena in 1741 and commanded a company in the Revolutionary War.  No less than four of his direct descendents were Brigadier Generals in the Confederate Army. And in quintessential American fashion, another direct descendent of John Grigsby married Sarah, the sister of President Abraham Lincoln.



William’s mother was Elvira Paxton nee Bagby (b. November 4, 1793 in Louisa County, Virginia and d. June 29, 1844 in Barren County, Kentucky).  She is listed on the Church Rolls of Mount Tabor Baptist Church in Glasgow, Kentucky, in 1819.  She is buried in the Rogers Cemetery (Old Bagby Cemetery) in Barren County, Kentucky.



Matilda Jane Paxton               (b. August 5, 1816, Rockingham County, VA and d. February 17, 1894, Mound City, Holt County, MO)

Thomas N. Paxton                   (b. April 26, 1818, Barren County, KY and d. February 9, 1891 Niobrara, Knox County, NE)

[William Landon Paxton]




William married Lucinda Gorin Moss on March 20, 1843 in Kentucky and had 13 children.  His wife was born August 1, 1822 in Todd County, Kentucky, and passed on February 10, 1899 in Salida, Chaffee County, Colorado.


In the 1850 Census, he was living in Division 2, of Barren County, Kentucky, with the profession of farmer.

In the 1860 Census, he was living in Benton, Holt County, Missouri, with the profession of farmer.

In the 1870 Census, he was living in Township1, Richardson County, Nebraska near Falls City, Nebraska with the profession of farmer.