Jacob W. Werner



[Four generations from right to left] Jacob W. Werner, his son Francis Henry Werner, his great-grandson baby Rex Fredrick

Werner, and his grandson Max Harrison Werner.


Born: June 28, 1832 in Bonlanden, Germany

Passed: March 3, 1917 in Falls City, NE (or Greenleaf, KS)


Jacob married  Margaretta Barbara Siegle in 1855.  His wife was also born in Germany.

Jacob immigrated to Wisconsin from Germany about 1848 and moved to Kansas before 1860.

They travelled by horse with Margaretta riding a white pony.  One night they were informed of

a cholera outbreak and so moved on travelling all night.


In the 1860 census, Jacob was living in South Park, Arapahoe, Kansas Territory.


In the 1900 census, Jacob was living with his wife in Greenleaf, Washington County, KS.

He was employed as a harness maker.  They had four children of whom two were living.


In the 1910 census Jacob was widowed and living in Greenleaf, Washington County, KS.

He was living in same house as his son George L. Werner b. 1872 who was also widowed

and was born in Wisconsin.  George Werner owned a harness making shop.